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Cognitive Minion

Cognitive Services for business process automation.

We had a lot of simple scripts created as xUnit tests in our projects to deal with custom requests that came up from time to time, but for which we didn’t have time (or weren’t worth the time) to create a UI for, or require an extra validation step by someone on our team to make sure it’s ok to make that change. This inlcudes things like whitelisting IP addresses for admin access, or moving a user to a different department in a customer’s organization, both of which can have security consequences for example, or things like our IT dealing with hundreds of email distribution list creations and changes to name a few.

We want to automate these simple 5-minute requests in less time than it takes to just do it.


  • Requests come via a channel such as Email, Slack or TFS Work Item (we created a custom TFS work item type called Issue to deal with and track these)
  • They are somewhat recurrent and people ask for them in a predictable way
  • They require someone’s approval before they execute
  • They are requested in plain english (no TPS Report cover sheets needed)

Examples of requests

  • Hi, could you tell me how many words are in this file? Thanks in advance
  • Please whitelist for Emily, she’s our newest admin
  • We need a new distribution list created called “New Years Party 2018” with the following people: Joe Smith [email protected]; Jamie Doe [email protected]
  • Please move [email protected] to the Design Team department
  • I need a report of last week’s site traffic